Frequently asked questions

Faulkner Springs - what spring rating do I need?

The correct spring rating is dependent on the sort of weight you have in your van. Our spring ratings range from 950lbs - 1200lbs. 950lbs is ideal for very light loaded vans and 1200lbs is what we would recommend if you are towing. The higher the lbs number the stiffer the spring will be. Our most popular spring ratings are 1000lbs and 1050lbs. These are what we recommend to use with day vans and camper conversions.

Faulkner Springs - How much do they lower by?

Approx vehicle height drop from standard: 7" 55mm 6" 75mm 5" 100mm 4" 125mm Rear shim thickness will affect ride height along with the weight on board

Faulkner Springs - Spring is loose when vehicle is jacked up

Because of how short Faulkner springs are compared to the originals, its highly recommended that you use our TRS suspension limit strap kits. These will prevent unwanted movment of the spring.

Do you only post to mainland UK?

We can also post outside of the UK. Simply email us at thevdubmonkeys@gmail.com and ask for a quote.