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June Van Of The Month

Good evening all! Before I announce this months (last months, cause i'm a day late) winner I just want to say a big thank you to every one of you for supporting us and baring with us during this time. Things are starting to get back to normal and our suppliers are all beginning to work at full staff levels again so we should be able to keep items in stock and get them out to you as fast as we used to.

On to June van of the month. We chose this van due to the awesome commercial look which is always something that get's my attention.

So without further ado its' my pleasure to present Chaz Frampton's T5......

Iv'e owned the van for 2 years now, managed to find a really tidy well maintained low mileage t28, standard with low miles. Iv'e used it for work, travelling around the country. I only started making it how I imagined last month and only on the exterior so far. The van rides amazingly on So Lows supplied by you guys and Amarok steels on 225/45 tyres. It has t5.1 rear lights and some pressed plates. I've only made really subtle changes and pretty OEM but I think it just works, it's not too flash but stands out from your normal white van. Plans for the interior is sound deaden, insulate and fresh cut ply panels and floor. Altro flooring, transit custom seats and an ovano xl system so it’s pretty set up to crash in at night away from home.

Want to see your van have a staring role on a new section of our blog?? Every month we will be doing a feature on one of your vans. This will be seen on our blog, social media channels and on the homepage of our website. Plus atthe end of the year part of the VDUB Monkeys calendar!

For your chance to be featured all you need to do is email us at

With a short write up about your van and it's journey so far with some awesome photos too. Open to all VW vans, in any country! (entries must be in English)

Every van that gets featured will be sent a special VDUB Monkeys van of the month sticker.

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