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Gaz Shocks British Made!

Who are Gaz?

For those who dont know Gazzmatic International Limited (a.k.a. - GAZ Shocks) manufacture a very extensive range of adjustable dampers and suspension kits for the road and motorsport market.

The units are hand built to the highest standards in our factory in the south east of England


Our Gaz dampers are provided with a multi point adjustment facility that alters bump and rebound damping on a pre set ratio via a single control knob. All units are fitted with multiple seal systems to ensure greater durability. Piston Rods are induction hardened and hard chrome plated to resist dirt and stone damage. All bodies are electro plated to help protect the units from corrosion.

These shocks are available from our website for the VW T4, T5, T5.1, T6 and Caddy.

Our T4 range come in varied lengths, from standard to short shocks, and extra short shocks for the rears. Open and close lengths are stated on the product page.

All our Gaz units are all fully serviceable to ensure a longer service life and can be re-valved offering customers various ride control characteristics.


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