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Top-quality suspension parts from The VDUB Monkeys. With parts for all transporter models. 


Suspension arms, joints and tie rods play an important role in keeping your car stable, keeping the wheels aligned with the body and connecting them to your steering system. While usually built to last, suspension arms and joints can wear out over time. If you’ve noticed vibrations coming from your steering wheel, or “wandering” steering that causes the vehicle to pull to the right or left, you may need to replace some of the components. A loud clunking sound, especially when driving on uneven surfaces, could also indicate that the bushings or ball joints have become loose. You can get top-of-the-range components for your suspension arms and joints for less at The VDUB Monkeys. With quality parts made by top engineers, we supply the bits and pieces that help keep you and your car on the road for longer.

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