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October Van Of The Month

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

So it's the beginning of another weird month this month with us going back into lock down on Wednesday. Be assured that we will still operating as normal and as far as we know so are most of our suppliers. Again we can't thank you all enough for your support over this last year! We can't wait to get out to some shows once this is all over and meet you all in person!!

But enough of that, October is over so it's time to announce a new Van of the Month!!!!

This month we chose a van that isn't perfectly shiny and pristine (yet) but one that clearly means a lot to the owner and something they they have spent a lot of time working on, and that's what it's all about at the end of the day. The passion for our vans!


@vw_trans here!

My story... 

I have been saving for 12 years for a T4. Suffered with epilepsy all my life so I have only managed to get my license in 2019 at 27 years old. Silver lining of that is I managed to save enough money in that time for my T4 with cash to spare

I'm not a handy man at all so I thought I'd buy a T4 that's already converted. Did exactly that and then the week later I decided to rip everything out and start all over again to make it my own. 

Everything on my van I have done myself and learnt so much along the way. Main thing being I want to go even lower. Since owning the van... Just over a year now. I have:

- Lowered it with your 5inch Faulkner kit and Shane at Scarface Lowriders drop mounts etc

- Swapped out my 18s for 15" banded steelies, sprayed white to match the van. 

- Pptuning side pipe

- Colour coded bumpers

- Colour coded steelies

- Tailored seat covers

- Resprayed dashboard

- Fresh carpets 

- Custom door cars and glove box with tartan. 

- L shape bed that pulls out to make a double

- Laminate flooring

- Everything carpeted and insulated 

- Full electrics

- Roofrack

- Interior Surfboard rack

The only thing I'm skilled in is paint spraying and panel beating which is my trade... The ironic thing is that's the only thing I'm still waiting to do. Once the weather improves though 🤙 full respray

Currently have grey 17inch steelies on but they're being sprayed white again 🤙 

So that's another month over with!! Next month we will be choosing two van's for Nov and Dec van of the month! Mainly down to my bad scheduling!! So get your entries in to

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