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T4 4 inch and 4.5 inch gallery (115mm drop +)

Below are images of our customers vans on 4 inch and 4.5 inch Faulkner springs.

Springs available here

(Please note supporting modifications are required)


Year: 2003

Spring length: 4” Faulkner

Wheel size: 17x7.7/8.0

Tyre size: 205/40 Front 195/45 Rear


Year: 1996

Spring length: 4.5” Faulkner

Wheel size: 16x6.5 Front 16x8.5 Rear

Tyre size : 215/45/16


Year: 2000

Spring length: 4" Falkner

Wheel size: 17x9.5 Front 17x10.5 Rear

Tyre size: 205/45/17 Front 225/45/17 Rear


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