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We are so excited to announce that our brand new EFFIN' LOW VW T4 shocks are finally due to land in February. We have teamed up with AVO UK to create the perfect shock for extremely lowered T4's. We've been working so hard to get these just right and after lots of testing and perfecting we believe we are finally there! These shocks have been designed for vans running 5" springs or lower.

Product Features

Extra short length - The Effin' Low shocks have been designed to be the shortest on the market. Being so short, a 5 inch free length spring can be held in place without the need for limit straps.

Polyurethane bushes - all bushing on the shocks are made from 85 shore polyurethane (poly bushes last 3-4 times longer than standard bushes)

Adjustable damping rate - Multi point adjustment allows the user to alter bump and rebound damping on a pre set ratio via a single control screw

Twin tube technology - A twin tube design has been used for less stress on seals and a more comfortable ride

Nitrotec coating - The hard coating of Nitrotec treatment is extremely corrosion resistant, it comes with a black finish and is resistant to wear. Its also an environmentally friendly process

Inbuilt bump stop - We opted for a slimline inbuilt polurathane bump stop. This prevents the shock from bottoming out and which would cause serious damage to the shock

Serviceable - The Effin' Low shocks have been designed to be fully serviceable. This will ensure a much longer service life compared to traditional shocks

Warranty - 18 months

There will be some merch appearing on our website very soon too!

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