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Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The first batch of our VW T4 Effin' Low shocks landed back in February. We are really pleased with the ride and quality of these shocks and our customer feedback has been amazing!

We are increasing manufacture as we are currently struggling to keep up with demand, so apologies if you missed out this time! The next batch has already sold out but we have more landing around September, so make sure to pre order yours so you don't miss out!

There has been a few questions asked so we thought we would answer them all in one go with a FAQ / setup blog post.

If you have any more questions please feel free to drop us email, we are always happy to help.

FAQ / Setup guide

  • What is the max size spring / ride height the shocks can be used with? - The maximum ride height should be no more than a 5 inch Faulkner setup (100mm) This is due to the extremely short open lengths of the shock.

  • How do I adjust the damping rate? - The Effin Low shocks have multi point bump and rebound adjustment on a single control screw. The damping is adjusted by simply rotating the Allen key screw on the side of the shock (clock wise will stiffen, anti clockwise will soften), These can be heard / felt by a click.

  • What is the recommended damping setting? - Straight out of the box the shock will be set to its hardest setting. We advise setting the damper to 2 clicks softer and taking for a test run to see how it feels. If its too bouncy then turn the damping rate up and if its too "crashy" or stiff turn the damping rate down.

  • Do I require limit straps with these shocks? - The Effin Low shocks have been designed to hold a 5 inch spring in place with locating shims either side. This means you will NOT require limit straps if you are pairing them with 5 inch springs. If you are running below this spring size (4 or 3.5 inch) you will require straps or you can do the "rear shock relocation mod"

  • How long is the warranty? - 18 months from purchase date

  • Are the shocks serviceable? - Yes the Effin Low shocks are serviceable. If you require your shocks to be serviced then please contact us and we can arrange an inspection and/or service for you.

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