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VW T4 5mm Polyurethane Lowering Shims

Made exclusively for The VDUB Monkeys by Powerflex, These are designed to run with our Faulkner T4 lowering springs. The 5mm poly shim sits above the Faulkner spring, This replaces your existing rubber (if it still has one). Made from 5mm thick Black Series Powerflex polyurethane, these 95 shore shims will last 3-4 times longer and lower the rear ride height a further 10mm* over standard. The shims can also be used for fine tuning your T4’s ride height by simply purchasing a extra set and inserting one on top of the other or one either end of the spring. Our 5mm shims are sold as pairs and are designed to prevent the springs from having metal on metal contact.

Our shims are also available in the T4 Gmax and Gaz suspension package deals.

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