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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Like us all the T4's are not getting any younger and unfortunately we have seen a rise in social media posts about broken down vans at the side of the road, a lot of these caused by failed ball joints.

Ball joints are the critical components that connect your wheel hubs to the control arms. They provide universal pivoting movement between the wheel hubs and control arms to give you a safe, smooth ride and allow you to precisely control your vehicle.

A worn ball joint will effect your steering, tyre wear and can cause clunking sounds. If a ball joint fails you will loose control of your vehicle and your wheel may even fall of (pictured above), all of this has the potential to cause a serious road accident!

Ball joints are tested on the annual mot inspection but if you notice any strange noises, uneven tyre wear or your steering is sluggish or stiff, be sure to get a reputable mechanic to examine your ball joints.

If your ball joints require changing or you are simply replacing for peace of mind, We highly recommend that you replace both top and lower ball joints with uprated parts (as pictured below).

We stock Meyle HD uprated ball joints for all years which come with a 4 year warranty* and as always our price includes FREE mainland UK next day delivery*

Click here to buy now.

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