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Here you can find all of our Pro Sport suspension for the VW T5 and Caddy



As a company, Prosport Performance Ltd can trace its roots back to the early 2000s and began when they saw that the performance suspension market was not catering for an ever-growing demand for a cost-effective quality lowering product. 

Prosport began selling a range of performance suspension and tuning parts in 2002, gradually refining there range until they were proudly able to introduce our own brand in 2012 when the company was relaunched as Prosport Performance Ltd. Since then their sales of Coilover Kits, Lowering Spring Kits and Wheel Spacers have gone from strength to strength.

Prosport is a UK based business and together with their European development and testing facilities they are able to monitor the quality of our products so they can be confident that their customers will get the best value for money possible.


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