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December Van of the month!

It's the final one of the year!!!! And it's early so we can get those calender's made ready for Christmas.

I have to say this month we had some brilliant entries and i had already picked the winner when this entry rolled in. How could i choose anything other than this for December.....



Having just seen your post for last minute entries to the VOTM, I thought I’d give it a go! I wouldn’t normally put him in, but in December Stomper gets transformed for the month (along with my partners van Miss Vanjie this year!) and is all about spreading festive cheer, which this year is much needed I think!

For the last six years we have decorated our T4 called Stomper to raise money for charity during December, it started out with just some tinsel, a set of battery operated lights and a few fluffy toys tied to the wing mirrors. From there it escalated into mains powered lights running off an inverter on the leisure battery with more and more sets being added each year and for the past three years we have supported the Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal who raise money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital.

We normally venture all around the South West with Stomper during December, even venturing over to Guildford to see family with the lights glowing all the way along the motorway, however this year with everything that is going on we aren’t able to do any of this. Instead, we have taken to arranging routes around our own town and spreading smiles and trying to raise money for the charity this way.

Stomper is covered in 4200 lights (420m of cable) using over 1200 clips to hold them all on along with reflective signs on the rear quarters promoting a text donation link. We also have a Just Giving link – Stomper also has his own festive Instagram - @christmasdub – where pictures of his exploits are normally posted!

In non-festive mode, Stomper is lovingly used as a camper with a full width RIB in the back with a bit of clever storage and a pod unit from Majestic Wood Design. Besides that, he is still waiting for some new front seats and a bit more tlc in the cab area – I have a spare dash in the garage which I am in the process of sanding down ready to prep and paint along with some caravelle door cards which will also have the same treatment. He has air ride on the back fitted by Spence at The Old Dub Shop a few years ago to help with towing in his previous life when he was lowered and on 18’s. Now he sits on 16’s with General Grabbers and the ride is so much smoother

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the pics!


So there we have it a whole year of celebrating your amazing van's and your stories about them! Calendars will be going into production ASAP and they will be available to purchase on our website with all proceeds going to charity (which is to be announced soon)


As always please don't worry if your van wasn't chosen this time, all entries are saved and will be looked back on for future months!

Want to see your van have a staring role on a new section of our blog?? Every month we will be doing a feature on one of your vans. This will be seen on our blog, social media channels and on the homepage of our website. Plus at the end of the year part of the VDUB Monkeys calendar!

For your chance to be featured all you need to do is email us at

With a short write up about your van and it's journey so far with some awesome photos too. Open to all VW vans, in any country! (entries must be in English)

Every van that gets featured will be sent a special VDUB Monkeys van of the month sticker.

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