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January van of the month!

We began Van of the month back in February....So when we started sorting out images for our calendar we realised we had no January!!

We looked back on all of this years entries and picked a worthy winner! So although it's almost a year late i hope you all enjoy reading about our January van of the month!!!


Hey guys! My name is Brogan Tully, I am 23 years old from Stroud Gloucestershire.

I would like to enter in my daily 1994 1.9D T4.

I’ve had the van for over year now and I’ve done a lot of work to get it where it is. 5” Faulkner springs at the rear, GMAX short shocks, cut bump stops front and rear, Shane’s shock plates and drop links, clocked pink torsion bars, limit straps. Chassis notching is on the way! I’m on 17s with 40 profile tyres. It has also got a pop top! Hence the white roof. This helps massively specially if I’m cooking in the van! And moving around. I don’t hit my head as much inside when it’s up. I’ve fitted a 12” sub woofer in the rear just to add some bass. I’ve got a straight through exhaust to side exit. So yeah he’s pretty dam loud. But I love it! The van is called Dave. I didn’t choose the name the previous owner did. But to be honest it’s stuck with me! This van means the world to me! I just love going out exploring with my girlfriend, and seeing where the road takes us!

You guys are super awesome!


As always please don't worry if your van wasn't chosen this time, all entries are saved and will be looked back on for future months!

Want to see your van have a staring role on a new section of our blog?? Every month we will be doing a feature on one of your vans. This will be seen on our blog, social media channels and on the homepage of our website. Plus at the end of the year part of the VDUB Monkeys calendar!

For your chance to be featured all you need to do is email us at

With a short write up about your van and it's journey so far with some awesome photos too. Open to all VW vans, in any country! (entries must be in English)

Every van that gets featured will be sent a special VDUB Monkeys van of the month sticker.

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