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November Van Of The Month

Another weird month in 2020 this month! I hope everyone is doing good!

It's the time of the month now when i get to sit down and read about all of your awesome van's! It was a tricky one this month but as soon as i read this email i knew who our winner was. So it's time to announce the winner of our November Van Of The Month!!! Read the story behind the van........


" Hi Monkeys,

Hope your all keeping well and safe in these times, I’m getting in touch about putting my van in to the ring for your VOTM.

I brought my 1998 1.9tb SWB T4 two and an half years ago, then it was a simple standard high, 17” rocco twist rimed, dirty boring mess, with not much going for it other than it being a fulled loaded, but rough camper.

Since then, with a lot of thought and effort from good friends and family its been transformed in my cystic fiBROsis awareness van. Cystic Fibrosis or CF for short is life threatening and life altering condition which effects the lungs and digestive system along with other areas of the body (if you wasn’t aware don’t worry) the van was designed to be able to combine my passion of cars and the motoring scene with my goal of raising CF awareness in a cool and urban manor.

  • The front end wrap was designed in partnership with SWD Design & Print (@SWD_design_and_print) the pattern is based around my CF nebulizer treatment and gives the van a nice aggressive look at the front. The custom southwest dubberz graphic down the sides also has a CF nod, with the slang for cystic fibrosis being 65roses the lettering is filled with a rose pattern.

  • For the wheels I wanted something very different and I love OEM parts, I managed to come across these 15” T4 caravelle Allstars, which look horrid in the standard diamond cut face with black inserts but with the look I wanted and my obsession with white on which colour schemes, i had them refurbed to how you seen them now and wrapped in a 195/55/15 tire.

  • As it’s a camper I wanted it to still be practical and not have to worry about getting caught out in sites and rough country roads when on adventures so Shane at Scarface Lowriders hooked me up with his set up of plates and short drop links, to get me riding on what I like to call a “casual low” 5inch Faulkner set up. After about 2 years on that. After bottoming out at a campsite, I've recently been back to visit Scarface HQ, with me and Shane spending a few days catching up while he used his fine skills to double notch and engine raise the van. At the moment it just so I can drive the van without worrying about anything while away with the misses but there's now always s the option to drop it more.

  • The next staged for the van is looking at getting it mapped for some more power for cruising without it rattling to bits, its been EGR vale deleted and has a rear spoiler and front splitter to go on to give it some well needed finishing off either end.

  • A few little odds and ends I've changed, I replaced the standard seats with Alfa 147 Momo leather seats w/arm rest on swivel bases. The standard steering wheel and gear knob have been replaced with a white and neo-chrome wheel, gearknob and angled extender.

Even though there’s been quite a change to the van, there is still lots to do and its forever changing. Thanks Dan"

Congratulations Dan! We love the idea of combining your love of your van with your passion for raising awareness for Cystic Fibrosis! We hope we get the chance to meet you and see the van in person at a few shows next year!


Dec van of the month will be chosen in the next few days so we get time to make those calendars!

Want to see your van have a staring role on a new section of our blog?? Every month we will be doing a feature on one of your vans. This will be seen on our blog, social media channels and on the homepage of our website. Plus at the end of the year part of the VDUB Monkeys calendar!

For your chance to be featured all you need to do is email us at

With a short write up about your van and it's journey so far with some awesome photos too. Open to all VW vans, in any country! (entries must be in English)

Every van that gets featured will be sent a special VDUB Monkeys van of the month sticker.

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