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March Van of The Month!

Well what a month it's been! I hope everyone is doing OK and you are all staying safe and healthy! At least being on lock down gives us an excuse to get the jobs we've been meaning to do on the van done! We are in the middle of the strangest most uncertain time ever but that doesn't mean we cant celebrate. So with all that being said it's time to announce March's Van of the Month!

It's been a tough one this month! We've had so many amazing entries again and looked back over last months entries too!

Congratulations goes to Jamie Galyer!

Here's what he had to say!

Firstly, its a 2001 1.9TD T4.

My name is Jamie Galyer and I’m a Carpenter from Brighton.

I’ve always been in buses since I was very young, my old man is very much into his classic cars from owning a ‘82 Corvette to a ‘69 Chevy C10. He told me when I was around 6 we went for a walk in the park, he turned round and saw me running to a Porsche 911 but he was surprised as I walked straight past it to look at what was parked behind. It was a ratted out VW Split Screen. So from that point I’ve always wanted to get my hands of a VW Transporter.

For me the best part of owning a van is that you can be much more creative with what you do internally and externally. When you go to Car meets there’s a lot more variety of vehicles BUT when it comes to van meets there’s a lot of the same vehicles so it’s important to try and be a different as you can be to stick out amongst the rest. Especially the lower the better haha!

My T4 used to be owned by my close friend and previous work colleague. He knew how much I wanted one and offered it to me. I couldn’t say no!

From when I bought it to now it has had a handful of modifications but the main mods have been double notches, brakeline and handbrake relocation, engine raised, Scarface shock relocation plates along with 4” Faulkners.

Its had subtle changes from Steering wheel, headlights and more rustic features but you’ll see all that in the photos.

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